ChangeLog Foundation


Non-profit NGO started in 2013 in Mykolaiv, Ukraine as a unity of local youth activists.

We want to contribute the changes in Ukrainian society through creating conditions for involving youth into decision-making processes.

To learn the future of country we have to look at the youth of these days: with their outlook, beliefs, fairs, stereotypes and principles. Strong evolutionary changes in the society are possible only as a result of consistent youth work.

Ukraine is at its starting point, a lot of work has to be done to provide the changes of the society after all historical and nowadays conditions: communist era, foreign aggression and internal mental principles lead to a great challenge and we are ready to accept it.

Non-formal education is our tool.

We are experienced in leading

Target Groups

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the grants program civil society for equality

Youth 14-35 y.o.

Youth workers

Civic activists

Street youth
Pupils of secondary schools
Students of vocational schools (colleges)

Students of universities

Special attention is paid to youth
with fewer opportunities:
Geographical / Economical / Family difficulties
Healthy issues / disabilities

Teachers of secondary schools,
vocational schools (colleges), universities

Pedagogues, working at
youth clubs / centers

Mentors, facilitators, psychologists

Students of ‘social (youth) work’
departments (faculties) at universities

Activists of local / regional / national NGOs

Young decision makers

Social Entrepreneurs

To promote

To develop

To create conditions for


the civil activity in different areas;

the protection of human rights; 

the compromise and conflict-resolution (ways to achieve them);

the entrepreneurship, self-organization, local governance; 

sharing experiences among young people, youth and social workers, activists of NGOs, educational staff;

the ideas of tolerance, non-discrimination, anti-racism, gender equality, sustainable development (including environmental),
healthy life, equal opportunities for people with development disabilities.

Forms of work

  • Workshops
  • Seminars and trainings
  • Discuss and conversational clubs
  • Non-formal meetings
  • Board-game Sessions
  • Voluntary help to the individuals
  • Environmental actions
  • Promo-campaigns

We have experience in such Programs:


Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany
Eastern Partnership Window Grant


Polish-Ukrainian Program
for Youth Exchanges


German-Polish Program
for Youth Exchanges


European Union Program «Erasmus +»



National Project



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